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++ Online Backup FAQ

Q. Is Online Backup always an alternative for backup on tape?

A. No. If the daily amount of changed data is too large in proportion to the speed of the Internet connection, Online Backup is not possible. But remember that the files are often strongly compressed before being transferred over the Internet.

Q. Is it possible to calculate exactly how long it will take to make a backup?

A. This is rather difficult, even if you know the amount of data and the speed of the Internet connection. In order to calculate the exact time, you should also know the compression factor per file. And the number of files plays a role, as well as a possible Internet overload.

Q. What is the compression factor?

A. The compression factor varies per file. File formats in which the original data have already been compressed, like jpeg files (photographs) and MP3 files (music) can practically not be compressed again. Other files, like databases or Word documents can sometimes be compressed for 90 percent or more. On the technology page you will find an overview of values for various types of files based on examples from practice.

Q. Is Online Backup cheaper than backup on tape?

A. That depends on a number of factors: For a small amount of data (up to roughly 30 GB of compressed data) Online Backup is cheaper. For a large amount of data copying to backup tape is a cheaper or even the only solution. When you calculate the price of backup on tape, you should take into account the costs of, for example:

  • a tape streamer and controller card;
  • backup software;
  • tapes;
  • writing backup procedures (for changing tapes and for taking tapes outside the office);
  • storage room for tapes (a safe) both inside and outside the office;
  • the time needed for performing the procedures.

Try to make a calculation for your situation. If you need assistance, please contact us, we are gladly willing to help you.

Q. What is safer, Online Backup or backup on tape?

A. The two options are equally safe. If proper procedures are drawn up and if these are implemented correctly, both Online Backup and backup on tape are completely safe. However, the fact that backup on tape is much more complicated than Online Backup increases the risk of mistakes, so in practice Online Backup will often be safer.

Q. If the encryption password is lost, is there another way to read the data from the backup server?

A. No. Your data cannot be decrypted. But if you lose your password for backup on tape it’s exactly the same situation.

Q. If the hard disk of a server has crashed, does Online Backup have an option for quickly restoring it to working order by pressing a button?

A. No. Some tape streamers have an option for making an image of the hard disk of the server. In case of a crash you can restore this image by pressing a button (One-Button Disaster Recovery). Online Backup does not provide this option. In case of a calamity you have to reinstall the system, after which the data are restored via the Internet (you can make a backup of the Windows System State, however). With most ADSL connections this restoration is performed eight times faster than uploading backups. If it takes too much time to recover your files, we can also deliver your data on a portable hard disk. In practice it rarely happens that an image is restored. The image should be very recent, and the hardware you use after the crash should be equal to the original hardware. Usually people prefer to reinstall their system and then restore the data.

Q. What brand of software uses Verlee Consultancy for Online Backup?

A. After extended testing of several brands we chose for Ahsay software.

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