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Online Backup

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Online Backup

Verlee Consultancy offers a new option for securing your data: Online Backup.

The Online Backup system does not copy the files from your server (or servers) to tape, but – after encryption - transfers them via the Internet to a central backup server located at a secure data centre.

This backup server makes another backup to a second server located in a different data centre, so your data are always stored at two locations.

Online Backup has a number of advantages over traditional backup systems:

  • Traditional backup systems often copy unencrypted data to the backup tape. This means that anyone with access to the tape can read the data. If such a backup tape is stolen or lost, the data may become public. Online Backup encrypts your data with the best possible encryption before they leave the server. Nobody, not even the manager of the backup servers, can read the data.
  • With Online Backup you can get an e-mail message about the result of the backup procedure every day.
  • You don’t need to change tapes and take them home. This saves work and prevents mistakes.
  • Online Backup stores your files outside your office, so in case of a fire or burglary you will always have your latest data at your disposal.
  • A server program enables you to restore your files very easily. You only have to select the files that you wish to restore. You don’t need to replace a specific tape.
  • Data are stored for a longer period of time than when copied to a backup tape. Backups on tape are overwritten regularly, usually every week. Online Backup overwrites your data not earlier than after 90 days as a standard procedure. This period can be adapted to your needs.

The costs of Online Backup are comparable to those of backup on tape (on the basis of a tape streamer and backup software to be written off in three years, and six tapes to be renewed once a year). The costs involved in procedures for changing tapes and taking them out of the office have not even been included in this calculation.

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